COMING SOON: XOOA – microservices for finance and decision support made human









Xooa, pronounce zua, provides microservices, APIs, and complete solutions for building human networks for sharing both capital and expertise.

Xooa is founded by leaders from telecommunications, cryptography, and economics to connect the dots across a variety of technologies to build practical solutions for the knowledge economy.

Our products include:

xooa fintech microservices

Microservice chain that allows you to develop applications ranging from p2p financing, mobile financial services, and complete mobile banking. All services provide REST APIs, web management console, client SDK, and turn-key apps for Android and iPhone. Services can run on Amazon EC2 or on-premise.

A key differentiator for xooa microservices is the inclusion of wrappers for private blockchain technology to support payments and financing for mobile money and alternative financial services, as well as for the management of replicas.

xooa wallet

A turn-key mobile wallet with agent and agentless modes, loyalty programs, and credit card integration.

Our solutions cover microfinancing, mobile money, loyalty schemes – rewards and gamification, and banking open API integration. We cover industries including mobile network operators (MNOs), banks, retail and start-ups.