Get to Market in Record Speed

Xooa offers a comprehensive set of low-code tools that give businesses productivity superpowers. Build web3 apps with more efficiency and less technical complexity using your existing resources.

Compress the Development Timeline
with Low-Code Tools

Drag-and-Drop Forms

Easily customize the UI for your web3 app and adjust how data is entered in your marketplace. Use Xooa's sample forms or create new ones.


Drag-and-Drop Pages

Configure the interfaces and navigations that will be shown to your staff and users. Designate the information a staff-member or user can view and include the relevant Forms in those Pages.

Dashboards and Analytics

Build custom dashboards to aggregate and report critical data from your web3 apps for analysis in real-time. Optionally, you can also integrate third-party reporting tools like Google Analytics.


Defining Roles

Designate the specific Pages, Forms, and Dashboards that will be displayed to an end user that is assigned to a given role (e.g. NFT User, Drop Admin, Marketer, etc.)

User Management

Control access to Forms and Pages and craft your own UXs. Assign elevated permissions to admins, developers, and other internal users.


Custom Branding

Fully customize the look and feel of your marketplace with ease. Upload your own logo, input your own custom domain name, and much more.

Everything in Just 45 Seconds

Xooa's Solution Templates provide businesses with use cases that can be deployed and used in just 45 seconds. These templates include prebuilt Forms, Pages, and Dashboards that are deeply customizable and act as the foundation for mature web3 use cases.